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Exclusive health & wellness discounts for your employees

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Whatever your wellness, financial or life goals are, Cajupass makes sure that your employees have discounted offers tailored to enhance their wellbeing - gyms, studios, activewear, food, travel and entertainment.

As a SaaS enterprise, we strive to work with only the top organizations to provide exclusive perks that will keep employees' wellness and bank account in check. 

For employers
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Perks that go a long way, helping HR teams reduce costs, grow talent & increase satisfaction

Companies today face the ongoing problem of expensive costs to not only recruit new members but retain them long-term. With an average employer spending 1-2 times an employee’s annual salary just to recruit, onboard and train new hires, Cajupass is a simple yet effective offering that will make your costs worth the investment.

Give your employees perks to enhance their wellbeing and see the outcomes for yourself

Employee retention & satisfaction

Increase productivity & morale

Reduce recruitment & onboarding costs on re-hiring efforts

Drive candidate acquisition (your recruiters will thank you)

Enhance employer branding

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Access the latest discounts for your health & wellness

Hang tight, Cajupass is soon to launch. 


Join our daily growing wait list of companies who are interested in giving their employees access to exclusive discounts. Be the first to know when Cajupass launches by entering your email. Yay! 

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